Half Nelson

Half Nelson is an indie that is directed by Ryan Fleck. This movie is about a Teacher's struggle with his addiction, a girl's realization that drugs cripple and the friendship that develops between them.

Ryan Gosling stars as Daniel Dunn, the History teacher who struggles with an addiction problem. Shareeka Epps starts as Drey, one of the students of Dunn who is living with her overworking EMT mother. Her brother is doing time in prison and his friend Frank(Anthony Mackie), a drug dealer tries to look after her but only in the way he knows how within the realms of selling drugs.

One day after the basketball game, Drey finds Dunn abusing drugs. Gradually they develop a non-traditional friendship. Their relationship is of two opposing forces as dialectics as can be.

A quote that might describe the heart of "Half Nelson":
"Contradictions are the source of all movement and of all life. All things are in themselves contradictory and it is this principle, more than any other, which expresses the essence of things."
The story by Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden is brilliantly written. The individual problems that Drey and Dunn face are portrayed beatifully. They dont try to over explain any thing in this beautiful and moving story.The movie is beautifully shot, beautifully acted, and just like life in which ideals can float on top of emotional turmoil and children teach teachers.

Ryan Gosling gives an emotionally charged performance and Epps is a perfect foil to Gosling. The chemistry between the two was authentic. In the end Half Nelson is an absolutely beautiful film with phenomenal performances from the cast that makes this a Masterpiece.

 My Rating: 4.5/5

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