Public Enemies

Today I saw the flick Public Enemies directed by Michael Mann. This movie is a biography of John Dillinger, a falmboyant criminal who robbed banks in the early 1930's and he had a huge fan base. This movie shows us the overview about the final years of John Dillinger.

Johnny Depp stars as John Dillinger, the famous bank robber.Christian Bale stars as Melvin Purvis, the Federal agent who is assigned to go after Dillinger. Director Michael Mann didn't concentrate enough on the Character Development of Dillinger. The movie didn't really portray 'Who Dillinger Was'. But rather focused on 'What Dillinger did in his final years'. There were many changes done to the real event. i.e for instance  Dillinger wasn't the last one to die in his group, I belive that it was 'Baby Face' Nelson.

The acting from the stars in the main cast were really good, especially the performance of Stephen Graham starring as 'Baby Face' Nelson was superb!!

In the end this is a mediocre film but the thing that is most fascinating about this film is the costumes and sets. The men and women behind these really outdid themselves and created a very authentic view of 1930s Chicago. This aspect of the film alone makes it worth seeing! Every costume and set seems to have been made with the utmost attention to detail, and the final result is very pleasing to the eye.

My Rating: 3/5 

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