Harry Brown

This morning I sat down and watched a British Flick Harry Brown directed by Daniel Barber. This movie is an well crafted thriller with some extraordinary performances. The director has taken a serious issue in his hand and he has done a great job in sending the message.

Michael Caine stars as Harry Brown, a  decorated ex-Serviceman who everyday watches the world unfold from his flat in a downtrodden London estate. He observes the increasingly senseless violence committed by the young gang members of the estate and the open-handed nature of the drug dealers without any action being taken towards those who are constantly flouting the law in his community. However when his wife passes away, and his best-friend Leonard played by David Bradley is killed after confronting the young men who spend each day terrorizing him to the point of retribution, Brown decides with nothing left to live for, to take the law into his own hands and delivers some excessively violent vigilante revenge.

The opening sequence of the moive where a mobile footage of two young gang members harassing a woman in the park and eventually shoot her without provocation and falling prey to an oncoming truck sets the tone to the film. From there on the cinematography by Martin Ruhe and the direction by Barber really sets the pace for a splendid thriller.

Sir Michael Caine gives a breath-taking emotional performance as the 'pensioner' who decides to take the law into his own hands. I think that his performance in this flick certainly deserves an OSCAR. Emily Mortimer starring as Detective Frampton also gives us an excellent performance. In the end this is an awesome movie and a must watch for everyone.

My Rating: 4/5 

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