Toy Story 3

I am sorry for not posting regularly but after seeing Toy Story 3, I couldn't stop myself from posting about it. I still remember the day when my father took me to the cinema to watch Toy Story, the movie was something that every child loved back then. Later came Toy Story 2, again it was a blast. Now after ten years comes the finale to this trilogy, I am now past my teenage years. I thought that i would not enjoy this as much as i did in my childhood but to my surprise this movie almost made me cry.

Toy Story 3 is the story of our classic and new favorite characters Woody, Buzz, Slinky, Ham, Rex and friends as they try to cope with the fact that Andy is going off to college. They haven't been played with in years and they're becoming restless. As much as they want to believe Andy will save them and keep them in the attic as Woody predicts, our beloved toys start to question his motives as college day is coming and Andy's old room is starting to deteriorate into a trash hold. Which will Andy decide upon? The plot for this movie at first glance made me very satisfied, seeing as Pixar and the writers are trying to follow the time frame we are accustomed to. Back in 1999 when Andy found his new toys Jesse and Bullseye, he was still a child with imagination and joy to play with these toys. Ten years later, he is no longer a child but grown into a graduating senior who is ready to venture off the college for the first time. This plot is a classic scenario that new-bound college teens deal with on their moving date: whether or not to give up hold on our childish bonds. It's time to grow up sometime. This plot grabbed me in easily. As the rest of the movie continued, Pixar led us on a classic Toy Story adventure.

There where some really funny scenes such as the scene where Ken and Barbie meet for the first time and of course the scene when Buzz is reset and becomes El Buzzo and dances to salsa music with Jesse. In the whole this a movie for all ages and is definitely gonna grab some Oscars this year.

My Rating: 5/5 

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