It's a Wonderful Life

Yesterday I finally decided to watch the movie It's a Wonderful Life(1946) directed by Frank Capra. It has been sitting in my hard disk for along time now.This is one of those feel good movies that has a great moral to it. That every person who fails deserves a second chance.

I was struck by how comprehensive the character study of George Bailey played by James Stewart was. He was a good man, but his ambitions were frustrated at every turn. He wanted an Education, that was just outside his grasp. He wanted to travel, life conspired against him. At every step of the way, one person saw George 'rolling with the blows', that was Mary Hatch played by Donna Reed. This woman loved George and wanted to stand at his side, so they can face the slings and arrows of misfortune together. This is love of the purest kind.

 This is a beautiful, touching yet dark film. You see so many emotions, attitudes and values in this such as envy, love, corruption, joy, hope, faith and despair, all beautifully portrayed by the actors. It runs along at a fast pace and has a beginning, middle and an end. It also has a moral, which is lacking in so many movies today.

And one more thing. You know that feeling you get—that really, really good feeling in your soul—whenever you see a really, really good movie? If you want to revisit that sensation, see "It's a Wonderful Life" as soon as you can, because you are going to enjoy every single second of it from start to finish, you really will, every bit of it you will enjoy!

My Rating: 5/5 

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