Attack the Gas Station!

Two days back I watched a Korean flick named Attack the Gas Station!(1999) directed by Kim Sang-Jin. This was one of the biggest hits in Korea. This movie begins as four young Korean punks rip off a All Night Service Gas Station.

In this group of four there's a failed artist, a failed baseball player, the singer of a failed band and a failed bully. Their life is a dead end, and they're bored as hell. And so they decide to attack the same All Night Service Gas Station again. Why? Because it's fun. Because they can. Why not? They rob the station and take the owner and his teenage staff hostage. As the gang attends to the customers to keep all quiet, they realize that instead of just robbing the place, they can make even more money by keeping the money that the patrons give them for pumping their gas!

This is when the real fun starts. The way they treat the rude customers, the way they piss off the delivery boy and the way they beat up some high school punks.This leads to a big gang fight in the Climax and the way the director handles the group dynamics is great. The director has made great use of the limited locations used.

This flick had some really amazing performance by all the lead actors.The movie is very fun and mixes the Action/Drama/Comedy together real well. While some parts are a little silly and cheesy, and there are still goofs this makes for a nice movie to watch and keep in the collection one you could watch over and over and still be able to laugh. I definitely recommend to anyone who is a fan of crime capers, like Snatch and Pulp Ficiton.

My Rating: 3.5/5

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