Killer Bride's Perfect Crime

The day before yesterday I saw a Japanese flick, Killer Bride's Perfect Crime AKA Killer Virgin Road. This movie is the directorial debut of Actor GorĂ´ Kishitani. The movie is about a young woman Hiroko, who has spent most of her 25 years failing at everything but somehow managed to fall in love with a man of her dreams.

But on the night before her wedding, she accidentally kills her landlord and then discovers that he has been stalking her for a while now. So making her escape with the landlord in a suitcase, she drives to a forest near Mount Fuji where she plans to leave the body and, after her big day, turn herself in to the police. There she runs into Fukuko, a girl who is trying--and failing--to commit suicide by hanging herself from a tree.Fukuko offers to help Hiroko dispose of the corpse on one condition,  Hiroko must help Fukuko become a corpse herself.

But they are not alone in the forest, they are on the run from a menacing motorcycle gang and a frantic young cop on a bicycle. From here on we can fairly guess whats going to happen next.

In the end this is a slapstick road movie that tries to deliver an emotional punch while shining rays of hope on its female target audience. This is one movie that you could enjoy watching with your buddies over an weekend.

My Rating: 3.5/5

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